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Prosper Plan utilizes the latest in financial tracking technology to automate hours of uneccesary time intensive tasks so you can save money.

Prosper Plan Knows QuickBooks.....REALLY well.

There are a lot of people who know Quickbooks, but then there are those who live in the system and know the real in’s and out’s of each feature and module. Intuit has made some milestone advancements in this platform in the last couple of years and made the online version much more robust. Add in the endless ecosystem of add-ons made by 3rd party software developers and you can design a really efficient workflow across your whole organization.

The bank feed in QuickBooks Online automatically pulls in all of your bank and credit card transactions everyday! Even better, automation rules can be setup to recognize the vendor and code the appropriate category.

Quickbooks Online Bank Feed

Syft Analytics is a reporting powerhouse. We can watch metrics, and set targets on deep levels of financial data, all in real time. “From understanding a transaction to building a financial story, Syft Analytics uses your data to review, analyze, and predict financial data.”

Syft Analytics

Dext captures and categorizes all of your receipts and bills using AI technolgy. It’s easy to stay IRS compliant with this huge time-saving tool. 

DEXT (Formerly Receipt Bank)

Teamwork is an advanced project management tool that we use to keep all of our clients accounting running like a well-oiled machine.  All of our bookkeepers, accountants and CFO’s know exactly who’s responsible for what and when it’s due. This allows us to keep a keen eye on resources, workload and future needs.

DEXT (Formerly Receipt Bank)

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